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Management Team Coaching

Strong leadership requires great communication. Your management team wants to learn more about how to engage an audience, whether that's internal staff or external stakeholders, through sharing stories, and we can help.

Knowing which stories to share, how to share them, and how to draw out stories from others will improve every relationship through real, human connection.

Sarah Elkins is my writing coach. Through a process of casual conversation and penetrating questions, Sarah will open up your head, heart, and guts. She is sometimes simply uncanny in what she hears and in what she suggests.
She will occasionally take you back to places you don’t immediately want to go, or to places you forgot were yours. But that’s where your real words are.
I heartily recommend making Sarah your writing coach.
— Jeff Ikler, Certified Professional Co-active Coach, Quetico Career Coaching

One-to-One Consultation

Communication coaching using storytelling as a foundation

How you tell your stories matters. When you uncover the stories that are impacting your success, you open all kinds of opportunities. Those stories that are limiting you are your internal messages about them. Let's figure out what to share, how to share it, and why it's important to share it. We can work together using a variety of online platforms including FaceTime, Skype, and Google+ Hangout, as well as via plain old telephone conversations.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you! You’ve been my rock in preparation for my presentation. Thank you for believing in me, empowering me, and always being resourceful. You bring out the BEST in people around you.
— Anna K., CEO

Are you interested in sharing your personal stories across platforms?

Work with me to figure out which stories will be most appropriate based on your ultimate goals in sharing them. Then we'll practice telling the stories, identifying weak spots in your presentation through analysis and discussion. If your intention is to write your stories, I can help you with developing the content; I will guide you through formatting, grammar, and distribution.

Sarah you really take me to the most wonderful places! You open areas in my mind that I have never even noticed or was afraid to delve too deeply! With a flip of your pen you have enlightened me, inspired me and helped me to see myself through the lenses of my peers . Because of you I continue to grow, to change and to evaluate my life, my gifts, and my weaknesses! Thank you is too weak a word to express my gratitude for sharing your gifts with me and the world! Do you have any idea of how you are gifting the world with unimaginable power!
— Julianne Morin, RN

Is it your intention to improve your techniques for interviews and communication with colleagues?

Working with me you will develop tools to better understand your audience so you can adjust your message and improve communication. We will practice and discuss strategies to handle uncomfortable conversations and make sure you are being understood when it really matters. Every interview involves storytelling, can you persuade a hiring manager that you are the most competent candidate for a job? Can you convince the public through media interviews that you are honest and sincere?

Do you want to be a more engaging public speaker?

Through discussions and practice sessions, I will help you become a more confident speaker in any environment. 

Call me. Let's get to work.

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