Bicentennial Library hosted Sarah for a customer service training, that is still talked about more than a year later. The Smile is Free work shop is crucial to any agency that works with public. Her examples of customer interaction and identifying the needs of customers, have been very helpful to myself and my staff. I will definitely hire Sarah again in the near future.
— MaryKay Bullard Branch Director at Bicentennial Library of Colstrip, Montana

LinkedIn Introductory Workshop

The first workshop was fun & effective, let's do it again!

LinkedIn Interactive Workshop - october 20, 2016
5:30pm - 7:30pm in the Placer Lobby, Helena, Montana

Feedback from the first workshop was that a lot of information was offered, and we still didn't cover it all.

This introductory workshop is designed to help you:

  • Set up your profile (security settings, profile sections, etc.)
  • Better understand navigation
  • Understand how to strategically build your network, and
  • Understand how to better engage on this powerful platform.

An advanced session will be scheduled later in the year, to go into more depth on activity on LI, such as publishing, sharing, and building a more robust and effective network.

$50 Registration fee includes a glass of wine or beer -- Registration is limited to 15 to ensure individual assistance

Bring your laptop, cell phone, and/or tablet

Due to the limited number of participants advanced payment and registration is required.

LinkedIn introductory workshop - october 20, 2016 - Evaluation

If you attended our Linkedin or LinkedOut workshop, please complete this evaluation so that we can continue to improve what training opportunities we offer!

Communication & Customer Service Workshops


  • Enhance internal, professional relationships through improved communication.
  • Encourage active listening and a compassionate approach to customers.
  • Improve social relationships inside and outside work, which will reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Developing the potential of community connections will improve overall health & happiness.

Primary Topics

Image: Communication through introspection and perception of others

Perception is all parts of communication, beginning with physical image through clothes, hair, etc. Physical communication through body language, facial expression, environment/location. Expressing understanding and empathy requires recognition of social and physical cues, both personally and in others. Empathy requires observation of motivation and emotion in others.

Verbal & Written: Communication in person, on the phone, email, social media, blog

Sentence structure, choice of language, passive voice (uh, um, ah, I think), efficient & persuasive communication, cultural and social expectations in professional & social environments.

Speak Visually: Your words are more memorable if they invoke an image

Using visual speech and storytelling leaves an impression. Communicating through telling stories, knowing which stories to share and how (what media), understanding your audience, planning ahead. Better storytelling will help those around us understand and appreciate our differences in culture and expectations. Telling stories as narratives of personal experience will stick in the memories of listeners. Some level of humility and vulnerability helps create empathy and perspective in cultural context and characteristics, similarities and differences. 

This class enabled me to give a more friendly, courteous, and empathetic response, helping to de-escalate a situation after actively listening to a customer’s complaint.
— Ken Saunders, Helena Parking Commission, City of Helena Montana