The agenda is designed to provide a full curriculum around the theme"leveraging your online network to benefit your offline life."

Meet your #NLVDenver, #NLV2018 Facilitators!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

8:30am - Continental breakfast and welcome
Hosted by Sarah Elkins and Elkins Consulting Inc.

9:00am - communication development, Who we are and why we're here
hosted by Sarah Elkins

Topic Tie-In: All relationships depend on our ability to communicate effectively. This is the foundation for #NLV.

finding your why, and pursuing your how
hosted by Kathleen Byars and jake estares

Topic Tie-In: When we know our why, which can be difficult to identify, the next step is to learn to leverage our why in our professional lives. Once we know our why and figure out the how, we can connect authentically with others.

Summary: Every one of us has a unique inner motivation. A purpose, a cause, our own unique lens of the world around us. When you understand your “Why” as Simon Sinek calls it, you begin to craft a lifestyle - and career - that is more authentic and aligned with your vision. 

When you understand your Why and you can communicate it to the world, you attract like-minded clients, companies, and a tribe that makes your work easier, more fulfilling and a heck of a lot more FUN!

Prepare for the session: Prior to #NLVDenver, brainstorm what experiences in your life have been defining, memorable, and emotionally compelling. Have you always cared deeply for the underdog? Been starstruck by vast unknown of space? Found that good asthetics and design bring a sense of calm and order to the environment? What do you care deeply about? Bring a list of ideas that you’ll hone during this session.

outcomes for the session

  • Learn one method to discover your own purpose, or "why"
  • Learn to leverage your purpose to create a loyal audience of followers
  • Discover how to craft a career that is authentic to your inner purpose and serves your tribe
  • Explore the life-changing freedom that comes with living according to your “why”, and the success that follows

from a to z to you: using the right message to connect with your audience
workshop hosted by amy blaschka and zach messler

Topic Tie-In: Now we know our why, and understand better how to leverage it in our professional and personal lives, how do we share it with others? Through creating and sharing relevant content.

Summary: Storytelling is all the rage...

But how can you come up with the right story that falls in line with your image... your brand... your offering? It starts with the right message.

Prepare for the session: Bring your current content project for this session. Whether you're working on a book, a marketing plan, a proposal, or your overall business strategy, bring ideas for content you want to discuss.

outcomes for the session

  • A system for getting to the essence of anything
  • The secret to creating content that engages
  • How to draw analogies to what your audience understands
  • And more, all served up in a fun, inspiring session!

navigating the rough: personal brand and difficult work situations
hosted by Marietta Gentles crawford and aaron skogen


Topic Tie-In: We'll continue the thread of leveraging your why through storytelling and creating and sharing content, with a clear reminder that how you address difficult situations in writing and in person impacts your personal brand.


Summary: An interactive session on navigating difficult situations while building your personal brand.   

Prepare for the session: Consider potentially difficult situations you'll face in the near future, and jot down a few phrases to remind you of specific situations you handled well, or that you could have handled better. These will help for discussion during the session.


  • Identify practical ways to cope with complex situations
  • Recognize how perception can influence reactions
  • Manage your personal brand when dealing with difficult people


want to use multimedia to build your brand? where do i start?

A panel of professionals with experience using a variety of media will provide strategies and ideas through this Q & A session hosted by Neil Hughes

Topic Tie-In: Now you know your why, your how, how to build a relevant audience through content creation and sharing, and how dealing with difficult situations can impact your brand. It's time to dig into the business of sharing your story and brand in a relevant, effective way, using podcasts, publishing books, blogging, or publishing video on multiple platforms.

Summary: We'll explore elements of podcasting, using real life experiments and examples for creating great content and building a following. We'll also have experienced participants available for a panel discussion about other forms of sharing content, such as book publishing and using video on multiple platforms.

Prepare for the session: Jot down some questions and ideas you have about building your brand on a variety of media and platforms. Review the participant list so you can see who has experience in the areas you're interested in exploring so you can ask specific questions.


  • Record an experimental podcast
  • Be introduced to tools available to help you make your content sharing effective and engaging
  • Improve confidence in distribution of your content

Friday, February 23, 2018

8:30am - 9:00am - Continental breakfast

Mindfulness: Strategies to Put Yourself in the Right Head Space to Succeed
WOrkshop hosted by Oksana Esberard

Topic Tie-In: If you're not in a good place in your head to make decisions and build relationships, you aren't going to be effective in either. Being aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your surroundings, will help you better understand your role in your obstacles and your success.

Summary: A brief session to give us the tools we need to make the most out of NLV using mindfulness strategies and practice.

Prepare for this session: Keep an open mind, know this session might be different from what you're expecting, and be prepared to learn something outside of your comfort zone.

to scale - or not to scale: avoiding pitfalls, choosing your level of discomfort, and knowing which tools will help smooth the way
Workshop hosted by Ben walker and eric elkins

Topic Tie-In: To complement the sessions on finding and implementing your "why", creating valuable content, understanding the impact of your response to difficult situations on your personal brand, and getting your message out there via podcast, we thought we'd include some basics about the technical tools you may want to use to make your business run more smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you are building a business or working for one, it always helps to have the tools you need to succeed.

Summary: A blended session to help you as a business owner better understand the potential pitfalls of growing and scaling, strategies, and technical tools available to you to run your business. Participants may create a draft plan for potential growth, and will be introduced to tools being used to streamline business activities.

Prepare for this session: Consider what your business would look like if your goal is to grow and scale the work by hiring employees and contractors. Prepare a list of basic business tasks you would prefer to off-load somehow, in order to focus on your strengths in your business.


  • Know which platforms are more likely to help you build a relevant audience for your purpose
  • Be introduced to a variety of technical tools available to help streamline your business
  • Improved confidence in selecting and using a variety of tools and platforms to help you in basic business activities, and to distribute your content

building a network at NLV
hosted by your nlv facilitators

Topic Tie-In: One theme that came up consistently in our debriefing at #NLVAtlanta was the desire to spend more time getting to know the people in the room. Though every session involved great conversation among participants, we were asked to offer more opportunity to connect. Here's that opportunity.

Summary: This time will be spent getting to know each other, and clarifying your vision for time spent among these incredible individuals. Activities are planned to avoid those awkward "networking opportunities", and to address the needs of introverts and extroverts in this type of environment. We're not networking here - we're building a network.

Prepare for the session: Review the participant list two weeks prior to #NLVDenver so you're somewhat familiar with your tribe.

outcomes for the session

  • Meet a majority of the participants
  • Set intentions for your time spent with participants
  • Collaborate on answers to your most difficult business questions
  • Better understand what you can do to help others solve problems, and build your tribe to help you succeed.

hosted lunch

How Does All This Continue? How Do We Apply All We've Learned?
planning session and nlv debriefing with all facilitators

This is the time when your facilitators are available to discuss your next steps and bring the sessions together. You'll hear from each facilitator their ideas and expectations for participants and themselves in the coming months. This planning session is your time to figure out, with the help of our facilitators, what your next steps will be and how to follow up to encourage accountability.

With many conferences, the return to our normal routine means the loss of the motivation and energy created at the time of the event. Your facilitators will help you identify the triggers you need, the follow up you choose, and the challenges you'll face to continue your motivation long after the conference ends. 


  1. Set expectations for yourself to continue the growth you started at the conference.
  2. Identify the challenges you'll face after the conference, and develop strategies to face those challenges.
  3. Develop a plan to continue what you started here and plans to follow up with those participants you connected with.
  4. Provide feedback to conference organizers and facilitators to make the next NLV even better.

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