The agenda is designed to provide a full curriculum around the theme"leveraging your online network to benefit your offline life."

Saturday, November 3, 2018

8:30am - Continental breakfast and welcome
Hosted by Sarah Elkins and Elkins Consulting Inc.

9:00am - communication development, Who we are and why we're here
hosted by Sarah Elkins

All relationships depend on our ability to communicate effectively. This is the foundation for #NLV.

your brain: Creating a Growth Mindset using Neuroscience Techniques
hosted by melissa hughes

Summary: Choosing a growth mindset is more than just deciding to do something different. We must train our brain using specific activities to move in that direction.

More information coming soon!

using the right message to connect with your audience
workshop hosted by zach messler

Now we know our why, and understand better how to leverage it in our professional and personal lives, how do we share it with others? Through creating and sharing relevant content.

Summary: Storytelling is all the rage... but how can you come up with the right story that falls in line with your image... your brand... your offering? It starts with the right message.

Prepare for the session: Bring your current content project for this session. Whether you're working on a book, a marketing plan, a proposal, or your overall business strategy, bring ideas for content you want to discuss.

Objectives for this session

  • A system for getting to the essence of anything
  • The secret to creating content that engages
  • How to draw analogies to what your audience understands
  • And more, all served up in a fun, inspiring session!

Yannis Angelis, Beyond Storytelling Network Co-founder

A "Moments Portal": A Storytelling Journey Toward Luminous future possibilities
hosted by Yannis Angelis

Topic Tie-In: Asking people to talk about moments is – in a sense – an invitation to listening to themselves anew. This also invites reflection of the emotions and feelings that make up the experience of a moment. The audience, in the place of the “moment-listener”, shifts from interpretation to perception, as they witness a situation through the eyes of the “moment-teller”. This creates a sense of belonging and intimacy, essential ingredients of a real and deep connection. Not only towards others, but also towards ourselves.

Summary: Highly interactive and experiential workshop, where you will go through a storytelling journey by leveraging what has been significant for you in the past and share it with others. Then as the echoes of the stories of significance remain present, you will dive into connecting the significant “lineament” with your inner-self, and your journey will continue through mapping the possibilities of a future related to your tasks, projects, business, self and others.

The “Moments Portal" as a story-work approach is a constant eye opener – both for its simplicity and the impact it creates.

Prepare for this session: Bring with you the “flaming word” which is currently figuring prominently in your professional life, e.g. leadership, change, passion, trust, courage, etc. You will be encouraged to safely place it on the sharing ground of a support system of people who will also bring their words and share their respective stories with you.

Objectives for this Session

  • Get familiar and become ready to use a concrete methodology for re-authoring your future possibilities
  • Expand your storytelling capabilities by entering the world of “Story-Work”.
  • Experience the birth of a strong bond with others by learning how to reduce your cognitive load and open up for deep emotional connection via the “Moments Portal".


want to use multimedia to build your brand? where do i start?

A panel of professionals with experience using a variety of media will provide strategies and ideas through this Q & A session hosted by Neil Hughes

Topic Tie-In: Now you know your why, your how, how to build a relevant audience through content creation and sharing, and how dealing with difficult situations can impact your brand. It's time to dig into the business of sharing your story and brand in a relevant, effective way, using podcasts, publishing books, blogging, or publishing video on multiple platforms.

Summary: We'll explore elements of podcasting, using real life experiments and examples for creating great content and building a following. We'll also have experienced participants available for a panel discussion about other forms of sharing content, such as book publishing and using video on multiple platforms.

Prepare for the session: Jot down some questions and ideas you have about building your brand on a variety of media and platforms. Review the participant list so you can see who has experience in the areas you're interested in exploring so you can ask specific questions.

Objectives for this session

  • Record an experimental podcast
  • Be introduced to tools available to help you make your content sharing effective and engaging
  • Improve confidence in distribution of your content

Sunday, November 4, 2018

 Christine Homolko, Communications Advisor

Christine Homolko, Communications Advisor

9:00AM - 10:30am - Visual Storytelling from a Place of Vulnerability: Relate to your audience and learn to visualize
WOrkshop hosted by Christine Homolko

Topic Tie-In: ...Communicating means building a bridge between you and your audience. But how much are you willing share? How can you make your message relatable? And how can you make it memorable?  

We all have a superpower: Our unique perspective. We’re born storytellers, and we all have to learn to peel back layers to reconnect with our authentic selves at different times in our lives.

Practicing vulnerability can lead to an amazing sense of fulfillment in your life. Use it in conjunction with a great storyline and people will start listening, relating, and finding a deeper sense of connection with you. This bond between you and your audience is a stepping stone for success, whether you’re starting your own career coaching biz, blogging about miniature horses, or striving to get that promotion at work.

Once you have an authentic, award-winning story ready to hit the press, you can make it stand out even more. There are countless tools to make your story memorable: photos, podcast, video (all the rage!). And we’ll take a stab at sketchnoting it!

Prepare for this session: Think about recent highlights in your life (professional or private), what you’ve taken away from these experiences, and what your audience can learn from them.

Objectives for this session

  • Learn about the power of vulnerability, and how it can boost your storytelling (real-life examples)
  • Practice authenticity - Understand what makes a great storyline for (almost) everything and everyone
  • Visualize your content

11:00 - 12:30 - building a network at NLV
hosted by your nlv facilitators

Topic Tie-In: One theme that came up consistently in our debriefing at #NLVAtlanta was the desire to spend more time getting to know the people in the room. Though every session involved great conversation among participants, we were asked to offer more opportunity to connect. Here's that opportunity.

Summary: This time will be spent getting to know each other, and clarifying your vision for time spent among these incredible individuals. Activities are planned to avoid those awkward "networking opportunities", and to address the needs of introverts and extroverts in this type of environment. We're not networking here - we're building a network.

Prepare for the session: Review the participant list two weeks prior to #NLVDenver so you're somewhat familiar with your tribe.

Objectives for this session

  • Meet a majority of the participants
  • Set intentions for your time spent with participants
  • Collaborate on answers to your most difficult business questions
  • Better understand what you can do to help others solve problems, and build your tribe to help you succeed.

hosted lunch

12:30 - 2:00 - The role of Authenticity in Business Building
Workshop hosted by Alexandra Galviz (@authenticalex)

More information coming soon!


2:30 - 4:00 - How Does All This Continue? How Do We Apply All We've Learned?
planning session and nlv debriefing with all facilitators

This is the time when your facilitators are available to discuss your next steps and bring the sessions together. You'll hear from each facilitator their ideas and expectations for participants and themselves in the coming months. This planning session is your time to figure out, with the help of our facilitators, what your next steps will be and how to follow up to encourage accountability.

With many conferences, the return to our normal routine means the loss of the motivation and energy created at the time of the event. Your facilitators will help you identify the triggers you need, the follow up you choose, and the challenges you'll face to continue your motivation long after the conference ends. 


  1. Set expectations for yourself to continue the growth you started at the conference.
  2. Identify the challenges you'll face after the conference, and develop strategies to face those challenges.
  3. Develop a plan to continue what you started here and plans to follow up with those participants you connected with.
  4. Provide feedback to conference organizers and facilitators to make the next NLV even better.

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