Meet Your NLV Facilitators*

In order of agenda appearance:



Karthik was named one of LinkedIn's most influencial writers in 2015. He enjoys writing at the intersection of analytics and human relationships. He considers himself a hybrid of left brain geek and right brain creative communicator.

With advanced degrees in engineering and management, he has an uncanny ability to keep things simple while communicating complex thoughts and concepts. When Karthik writes, he describes connecting the dots between his childhood, his family, and his current character and professional experiences. He's the go-to storyteller when raw data needs to be described in a way that makes an emotional and business connection to current situations.


Sarah loves to teach people how to find their stories, organize them, and share them across platforms. She is known for her practical applications to the elements of storytelling in order to improve personal & professional communication. Elements such as body language, tone of voice, expression, image, and content can be planned and practiced to benefit every relationship and every situation.

Sarah's business, Elkins Consulting, Inc., is focused on providing workshops and keynotes to conferences, coaching individuals to improve their communication through storytelling, and helping event planners create a solid agenda of speakers and facilitators that build a curriculum as a whole, rather than individual, disconnected sessions. Sarah has found a way to live a life she loves with her husband, two sons, and yellow lab in Montana.


Heather, a recovering attorney, is a customer experience consultant, trainer and speaker with proven expertise in building Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee cultures and acting as catalyst for customer-driven cultural & process improvements. Her company, Customer Fanatix, offers in-depth analysis and training to companies eager to improve the customer experience. Heather is a frequent author on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, a blog contributor for Huffington Post and a member and Certified Customer Experience Professional with the Customer Experience Professional’s Association. 

Heather truly believes that the most effective way to transform customer’s experiences is to transform employee's experiences with a focus on leadership development and employee engagement. Heather and her husband have four kiddos and live in Colorado.


Chris Spurvey has a knack for helping people become confident with selling. After consciously choosing the sales profession as a means to create a better life for his family, he realized that negative images of sales were holding him back. By shifting his mind-set, Chris was able to transform his "inner game" and use his innate values and talents to become a top sales professional. Chris inspires entrepreneurs and sales professionals to address the paradigms that hold them back.

Chris is Vice President, Business Development with KPMG Canada and is the author of It's Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set

John White

In John's previous life, he worked with telecom agencies. In a crisis of bad management, he realized his true calling as a social media strategist and blogger. He is the founder of Social Marketing Solutions and recently became the brand ambassador for the beBee platform, making a global splash as the new media platform to combine personal & professional personas and connections. He's a marketing executive who specializes in organizational and personal branding. He uses social media to develop a compelling online presence, enhancing reputations and driving higher level of social engagement.

John is a nationally recognized blogger and contributor to The Good Men Project, Inc., LinkedIn Pulse, Dice Insights, (a Disney affiliate). 


Named by LinkedIn as a Top 10 Voice in Management and Corporate culture, Dustin wrote about how he received that distinction. The honor was based on over 2 million views of his blogs, and one of the highest rates of engagement on LinkedIn Pulse. He's the owner and founder of a McKissen + Co., a management consulting, marketing, and public relations firm. Dustin recently became an Inc. columnist with his series (to begin soon), called The Brand New Entrepreneur.

His uncanny ability to draw people in through stories of his challenges and obstacles make him an incredible speaker and teacher.

Sally McCabe

Sally is a thoughtful leader, trainer, speaker and writer who has worked in the healthcare arena for the past thirty years. She is the principal of the training company Compassion 2 Compliance, and Senior Director for Client Relations for Intermedix Corporation, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for the global health and safety net. She is a strong advocate for employees and patients.

It was this characteristic that led her to recognize the value and importance of empathy training. Sally was certified and began this training at one of the nations' largest and top-rated hospitals, New York Presbyterian. Her areas of expertise include empathy, service recovery, patient and provider safety, employee engagement and servant leadership. Her articles have been published in various blogs and she has been featured in several industry publications.

Randy bradley

Randy serves as Special Projects Manager for LGR. Life's Golden Rule is all about changing how people treat others. It applies to Leaders, Employees, Managers and whole organizations. Empathy is the key to any interpersonal experience. LGR teaches empathy through a Daily Lesson brought to you with a phone app or on line.

Melissa Hughes

Dr. Hughes has spent the better part of her career understanding how to improve teaching and learning. With roots in education, she has a unique understanding of employee engagement, effective communication strategies, and dynamics of the multigenerational workforce – all of which contribute to organizational culture and are essential for success. Having worked with learners from the classroom to the boardroom, she incorporates brain-based research that illuminates the science behind factors that impact how people think, learn, communicate and collaborate. With energy, humor, and a practical application of neuroscience in our everyday lives, Melissa enables people to explore productive ways to maximize their skills, innovation and creativity, contribute to the collective intellectual capacity of their organization, and foster a culture of learning and leadership.