It's official, our venue is secured! NLV2018 will be hosted at the Downtown Denver Hotel Indigo. For more information, visit our recent blog post.

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Two days of workshops to meet,
to learn, and to connect Face-to-Face

- Limited to 50 Registrations -

February 22, 23, 2018, Denver, Colorado

- Early registration Opens October 1, 2017 - 

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Wondering how to leverage your incredible online professional network to improve your real life, face-to-face business and community?

Could you use some reminders about communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and generations?

No keynotes, no crowded, awkward "networking" events where you're either painfully introduced around, or observing the small cliques of people who already know each other. This is professional development like you haven't seen before.

You've been to many conferences. You know the breaks between sessions, the after-hours conversations in the lobby or the bar, when you get to know the speakers and participants? You know those times when, outside the meeting rooms, you learn more from the others than you did from any of the formal sessions? This is the conference that leverages those side-conversations and makes them the foundation of your NLV experience. With a registration limit of 50 participants, you can expect real value in content and interaction.

Many of us have created incredible online networks through a variety of platforms like LinkedIn and beBee. Most of us have never met face-to-face, but feel an incredible camaraderie and warmth toward each other. We have learned so much from each other over the past few years; just imagine how much we could learn and build by meeting in a small group, face-to-face! 

NLV - A two day conference with a professional development focus on connecting beyond the keyboard.

The NLV agenda is designed to help improve your sales, leadership, and personal communication. You may not recognize it, but many of us are desperate for real connection. Do you know how to truly connect beyond the keyboard?

Meet face-to-face to connect and learn from each other in real-time and in real life. This is a fully interactive couple of days. 

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