Read why NLV’s founder, Sarah Elkins, was listed in Future Sharks as
“An Entrepreneur to Watch in 2019!”

March 12, 13, 2020 - Chicago
(Limited to 50 Participants)

Two days of workshops
meet, learn, connect beyond the keyboard

Wondering how to leverage your incredible online professional network to improve your real life, face-to-face business and community?

#NLVchicago2020 - Accommodations and travel

Read why Forbes' contributor Cheryl Snapp Conner says NLV was one of "6 'can't miss' conferences for entrepreneurs in 2018"

No keynotes, it's the participants who bring dynamic experience and contribute to every session.

This is professional development like you haven't seen before.

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This is the conference that leverages the side-conversations between sessions and makes them the foundation of your NLV experience. With a registration limit of 50 participants, you can expect real value in content and interaction.

Early registration from April 1, to November 1, 2019, $550.00
Registration after November 1, 2019, $750.00

I came away from #NLV2017, #NLVAtlanta with a new family of people who wanted me to succeed. My fellow “NLVers” are my champions!!
You have got to join us at #NLVDenver!!
— Heather Younger, Author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty
“When we debriefed at the end, I was taking notes and thought: ‘How rare is it that I’m leaving a professional conference not only knowing every person’s name, but how to support them.’ It’s less of a conference and more of a framework for building community. Pretty sweet.”
— Laura Riley, Content Writer, #NLV2018 Alum

NLV - A two day conference with a professional development focus on connecting beyond the keyboard.

The NLV agenda is designed to help improve your sales, leadership, and personal communication through interactive, engaging sessions on topics like creating authentic, effective content and messaging, understanding how your personal brand impacts your professional life, how to build an audience online and offline using current technology, and leveraging your experience and relationships to scale and innovate in your business.

You may not recognize it, but many of us are desperate for real connection. Do you know how to truly connect beyond the keyboard?

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