Real Life in Real Time

Just imagine: You've been emailing, texting and talking on the phone with someone you met online. You feel so connected, the relationship feels real and true. It has been months and you've talked about everything under the sun, you've had weekly video chats, so you know her picture matches her profile.

Where do you go next? How long do you wait before you meet? Maybe you live thousands of miles apart, so you're trying to figure out how to meet somewhere in the middle. How long will you keep up this "virtual" relationship without meeting each other face-to-face? Do you have to meet? Of course you do! An online relationship can only go so far, right?

Here's another scenario: You've been talking about a beach vacation for years. You've never been to the beautiful beaches on the Gulf side of Florida. You look at pictures, you read stories, you watch movies that were filmed nearby. You reach out to contacts in the area and hear stories and descriptions of the white, soft sand, the bath-like temperature of the water, the bright blue-green of the ocean. But you still haven't SEEN it, TOUCHED it, EXPERIENCED it for yourself. You can only experience part of the story if you never actually visit, right?

Your online network is the same. How many years will you go without ever meeting those people you've been interacting with online? How long can a relationship withstand the distance? Without meeting face-to-face, an online relationship can only reach a certain level. To build trust and long-term value, at some point you have to meet.

No Longer Virtual is that opportunity. The entire structure of the event is interactive, engaging workshops so you have the opportunity to meet and get to know every person involved, including the facilitators.

This is not your mother's professional development conference. This is about innovative thinking, improving your relationships in business and life, and finally connecting the dots to connect beyond the keyboard.

It's time to #makeitreal at #NoLongerVirtual. Register today and meet me in Atlanta February 23 & 24, 2017!

I climbed a mountain to help you make your decision to come to NLV!