30 Minutes Can Change Your Life Plans: A Library Story

A Thoughtful, Persuasive Leader Can Change Your Life in 30 Minutes

He had no intention of working for public libraries when John Spears walked into an interview with George. His plan as he worked through his Masters in Library Science had always been to find a cushy job in an academic library, where funding is rarely an issue.

But in that 30 minute interview, his perspective about public libraries was permanently shifted. George was ahead of his time; he knew the role of public libraries was growing dramatically in the age of mis-information, and that public libraries would be serving community needs in completely different ways in the very near future.

That 30 minute conversation pushed John in a different direction than he expected, and he has spent his entire career in public libraries - and never looked back.

John isn't what you might think of as a typical librarian. The challenges he has faced in life might just be the stories that make him so approachable, and such an incredible role model for perseverance, self-reflection, and personal growth.

John Spears is the Chief Librarian and CEO of Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado. He has been making waves in that community, and finding incredible opportunities to contribute even more to the community by sharing his story.