Episode 69: Obstacles and Challenges as Tools to Build Resilience

Stories and Strategies that Help Us Grow

According to Valerie Gordon, there are plenty of “unlikely” scenarios in our lives. By “unlikely,” she means those things that we really don’t want in our lives, those struggles and obstacles that make our lives more difficult, and we cannot find value in them in the moment while we’re experiencing them.

But these “unlikelies” as much as we don’t like them, are often pivotal times in our lives. These are the times that we are so uncomfortable that we either choose to make a major change, or a major change is forced on us.

Though I believe we can learn important, critical lessons in joy as much as we learn from struggle, if we tell our stories of struggle from the perspective of building resilience, those struggles will help us build the confidence we need not just to survive, but to thrive.

Valerie & Maddie

Valerie & Maddie

We discussed these “unlikelies” in the context of our stories, and how we build and practice resilience.

During our conversation, we chatted about five of these:

  • Conflict

  • Dissatisfaction

  • Uncertainty

  • Envy

  • Regret

Listen in to this conversation, learn more about how your stories can help you build your resilience muscles!

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Valerie Gordon is a 10-time Emmy award-winning television producer, content creator and longtime storyteller whose work has appeared on HBO Sports, CBS News, Weekend TODAY, Lifetime and the Olympic Games. 

Two years ago, she turned a bad case of burnout into a pivot and founded career and communications strategy firm Commander-in-She, combining her storytelling background with her passion for advocating for women in the workforce. 

Valerie offers keynote presentations and group workshops for conferences, professional organizations and corporations to help high-achieving women with the tools and skills necessary to ascend the leadership ladder.

She’s most fascinated by impact and influence of the stories we tell ourselves and others and believes there is an even better next chapter in each of us. 

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Valerie lives in Connecticut and blogs at Commander-in-She.com.