Your Stories Don't Define You. How You Tell Them Will.


Getting Out Alive: A Story of Professional Survival

We were barreling down the road, at least double the speed limit in a 35 zone. And when we hit the highway, he was driving at least 110. For the first time since those warning signs I ignored during the interview, I realized I wasn’t just risking my career, I was risking my life.
— John White, Social Marketing Solutions

John White made the decision to invest in his future that day - by jumping into an MBA program he'd been considering for a few years. John and I had a great conversation about that moment in his life when he made the decision; have you had a moment like this one? Maybe not quite so dramatic, but still a large, negative push to follow a different path? Sometimes a bad experience has a more positive impact on us than we could know at that moment. 

John White is a globally recognized columnist for Inc. Magazine with over 175,000 followers on social media (verified Twitter page). Creator of viral content on social media. Interviews for Inc. include Mark Cuban and Gatorade. Founder of Social Marketing Solutions in Fort Collins, CO. Visit his website, and connect with him on LinkedIn for more information.


How Storytelling Shapes Your Internal Messages

I had the opportunity to ask Leili McKinley, founder and CEO of Identitype LLC a few questions about her pivotal moments in life, and how she was able to identify those moments, and years later was able to apply them to difficult situations.

She surprised me with her analogy of her skill in creating a corset as the foundation for a wedding gown designed during her time at Parson's School of Design in NYC. As she builds experiences, she sees those experiences as the corset-building, or foundation-building of her behavior, persistence, and success.

Visit Leili's website and LinkedIn profile for more information about the IdentitypeTM system she created (in her words):

... to help you be the leader you were born to be, build a brand, and grow your business (ME, Inc.) because you’re passionate about what you do, and because you want to create more income for yourself and the people you love.


Is Imposter Syndrome Defining Your Internal Stories?

Imposter syndrome, according to Cambridge dictionary online, is "the feeling that your achievements are not real, or that you do not deserve praise or success."

In other words, when you're outwardly successful, but often feel like a fraud, like at some point everyone will know about the "real" you.

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Micromanagers inspire you... to quit

I had the opportunity to visit with Cheryl Snapp Conner about a difficult boss she encountered early in her career. That experience drove her to try something completely surprising to her - she left the company to start her own business.

Listen to the podcast to hear the lessons she learned in the situation, and to sit in on the conversation about how this story has impacted how Cheryl sees herself today.