Episode 80: Some Stories Take Time to Make Sense

All of Our Stories Become Part of Our Truth


If you know him now, you'd describe him as a quintessential hippy artist; but Chip Clawsen was six when he connected deeply with the story his mother read to him, The Sands of Iwo Jima. It was at that tender young age that he decided he'd one day be a marine - a hero.

Photo from the Helena Independent Record, Thom Bridge

Throughout high school and college, he followed the path his parents expected of him, while telling them and his uncles that what he really wanted was to join the Marines.

His uncles, Army and Navy, told him he should pick a different branch - the Marines were the toughest, and Chip was small and wiry, no taller than 5'6". But Chip eventually enlisted with the Marines and tested into the flight program; he was going to be a pilot.

Chip's is a story of resilience, grit, and self-reflection that took him from a mindset of heroics in war to a mindset of heroics in peace. His pivot points, those moments in time that changed everything about who he thought he was, and how he saw his role in the world, pointed him in many different directions. The piece that always remained was his determination to follow his heart.

To learn more about Chip and his art, visit his artist index and check out an article about his recent sculpture creations.

Episode 73: Transitions as Opportunities for Self-Discovery

Resilience Can Look Like Minor Home Repairs and Great Parties on a Budget

It turns out that Tiffany Ann is actually quite handy, can make impressive home improvements on a limited budget, and can put on a fun birthday party for a bunch of kids for just $25.

Mount Helena, Helena, Montana

Mount Helena, Helena, Montana

She may not have known these things about herself if she hadn’t experienced a painful divorce. With three children and no job, Tiffany Ann learned not only that she could depend on herself for minor home repairs, she learned that she was resilient, and found ways to share what she learned with others in similar situations.

Dreams Recycled came to her, well, in a dream.

Listen to this episode to find out more about Tiffany Ann, her business, and how her dream came to life.

Connect with Tiffany Ann on LinkedIn, and check out her great book!

Episode 72: Persistence, Curiosity, and Following Instincts Create Career Resilience

When Bob Musial failed his role-playing test in his first sales job, he was humiliated. He was the only new hire out of seven to fail that session, and that made him even more motivated to prove to himself and others that he would be successful in that job.

Episode 71: Resilience and Diversity of Thought

Diversity of thought includes everything from political views to religion, and everything in between. Deb crosses pretty much every boundary, challenging those in her orbit to open our minds, consider our biases, and develop our ability to listen intensely to what isn't being said.

Episode 69: Obstacles and Challenges as Tools to Build Resilience

According to Valerie Gordon, there are plenty of “unlikely” scenarios in our lives. By “unlikely,” she means those things that we really don’t want in our lives, those struggles and obstacles that make our lives more difficult, and we cannot find value in them in the moment.