Heather Younger

Heather, a recovering attorney, is a customer experience consultant, trainer and speaker with proven expertise in building Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee cultures and acting as catalyst for customer-driven cultural & process improvements. Heather is a frequent author on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, a blog contributor for Huffington Post and a member and Certified Customer Experience Professional with the Customer Experience Professional’s Association. She is also a Net Promoter Certified Professional.

Heather truly believes that the most effective way to transform customer’s experiences is to transform employee's experiences with a focus on leadership development and employee engagement.

Chris Spurvey

Chris Spurvey has a knack for helping people become confident with selling. After consciously choosing the sales profession as a means to create a better life for his family, he realized that negative images of sales were holding him back. By shifting his mind-set, Chris was able to transform his “inner game” and use his innate values and talents to become a top sales professional. Chris inspires entrepreneurs and sales professionals to deal with the paradigms that hold them back. 

Chris is Vice President, Business Development with KPMG Canada and is the author of It's Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set.

Sarah Elkins, MBA

Sarah loves to teach people how to find their stories, organize them, and share them across platforms. She is known for her practical applications to the elements of storytelling in order to improve personal & professional communication. Elements such as body language, tone of voice, expression, image, and content can be planned and practiced to benefit every relationship and every situation.