Jeff Ikler

Sarah Elkins is my writing coach. As you read my recommendation, we may not be engaged in actual coaching sessions any longer, but I will always carry her strong guidance with me. So our writer/coach relationship is permanent.
If you are looking for a focus on writing structure - the technical aspects of writing - you may want to look elsewhere. That's not the focus of Sarah's coaching. If you want to get at why you write, at where and how to draw your inspiration, at how to nourish your inner keyboard, well, then Sarah is your writing coach, too.
Through a process of casual conversation and penetrating questions, Sarah will open up your head, heart and guts. She is sometimes uncanny in what she hears and in what she suggests. She will occasionally take you back to places you don't immediately want to go, or to places you forgot were yours. But that's where your real words are.
I heartily recommend making Sarah your writing coach.
Jeff Ikler, Certified Professional Co-active Coach
Quetico Career Coaching


Anna Kazmierowski

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you! You've been my rock in preparation for my presentation. Thank you for believing in me, empowering me, and always being resourceful. You bring out the BEST in people around you.
Anna Kazmierowski, CEO/President
A2Z Staffing Solutions

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