we specialize in communication coaching in technical and government environments.

Hire us to provide entertaining and practical workshops and keynote presentations on relevant topics: Storytelling to Improve Sales, Improving Communication through Personal Stories, Building Buy-In with Improved Communication, The Value of Your Personal Brand, Networking for Professional Development, and more!

Companies hire us to improve stakeholder communication To Improve sales and to smooth transition in times of change and new product implementation

Your agency is implementing new technology, how can your leadership team build buy-in from stakeholders to ensure the success of this investment?

Your company's primary audience is government agencies, how do you improve your communication with that industry?

Your management team's communication strategies will improve internally with staff, and externally with customers by forging human connections using storytelling as the foundation.

Connect Beyond The Keyboard

Register today for the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, some of your favorite LinkedIn personalities. Limited to 50 participants, you've never experienced this kind of professional development.

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