Communication Coaching

To improve communication among team members and stakeholders, specializing in remote teams, retreat workshops, and government agencies.*

When we communicate with clarity, we increase our potential for success in every aspect of our lives.

 Elkins Consulting will help you create an environment that encourages and inspires authentic connection. We do this through interactive, engaging workshops and break-out sessions, resulting in improved relationships, sales, creativity and productivity.

*Gallup StrengthsFinders Certified Coach

I highly recommend Sarah as a presenter, keynote speaker or storytelling trainer for your group or organization.
— Lori Boxer, Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center, Inc.

Hire us to provide entertaining, experiential, practical workshops and keynote presentations on relevant topics:

  • Introduction to StrengthsFinders

  • Storytelling and Your Personal Brand

  • Storytelling to Improve Communication

  • Storytelling for Advocacy

  • Coaching to Strengths

  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


Companies hire us to improve stakeholder communication To Improve sales and to smooth transition in times of change and new product implementation

Sarah Elkins is such an inspiration. Very personable and did a fantastic presentation. Even though she was a 1000 miles away, you could feel the warmth and passion she has for the subject through the screen.
— Michael Bellina, Migman Media LLC

Connect Beyond The Keyboard

Register today for the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, some of your favorite LinkedIn personalities. Limited to 50 participants, you've never experienced this kind of professional development.

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