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What Makes Me Tick

My expertise in training and facilitating comes from a variety of experiences in everything service-related, from street snow plowing to serving cocktails, from financial & project reporting to the federal government to suggesting reading material for a patron at the library.

Decades of experience implementing technology in the public sector prepared me to help executives in those industries communicate effectively. I've found that not everyone speaks the same language, even if they speak the same language. That's especially true when it comes to translating among technical and non-technical people, and communication between public sector leaders and their employees.

As the project coordinator for the Transfer Initiative, a program through the Montana University System to improve transfer among Montana schools, I had the opportunity to facilitate hundreds of often tense, controversial meetings. Administrators and faculty often left my sessions with comments such as "that was the most productive meeting I've ever attended."

I believe in being human in all our faults and beauty in every environment. Understanding that each of us has our own story helps me work with people to improve their day to day interactions. That's why my tagline is The Smile Is Free. 

I'm always ready for an adventure - trains, planes, automobiles - I can pack a bag in minutes and be on my way. Why? Because a change in environment is a great learning opportunity.


My bachelor's degree in Business, with an emphasis and Human Resource Management came from Colorado State University, Fort Collins. I was the only business student who didn't wear shoes for most of the year. Immediately upon graduating from CSU, I was selected from a pool of more than 30 applicants for a paid internship in Washington DC for Commissioner David Rohr at the US International Trade Commission.

I completed my MBA from Western Governor's University, an online program based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Time Magazine called it "the best online university you've never heard of."

Over the past three years I've had the opportunity to complete all available Public Information Officer training through FEMA.

Additional Platforms to Find Me

I'm very active on LinkedIn, you can find around 100 blog posts there on my profile,

If you think you can separate your personal and professional brands, you're delusional. I share my thoughts on this via Twitter sometimes, @sarahelkins.