spontaneous decision

Episode 58: When a Decision Looks Spontaneous, But Isn't - Nicholas Rupp

A Story of Romance and Pivot Points

"Are we going to talk about this?!"

Michael was at a loss when Nicholas handed him the clipboard with a marriage application attached and said: "Here. Fill this out," and then disappeared.

What he didn't know was that Nicholas was making a quick trip home to get their passports, assuming they would need two forms of ID to get the marriage license.

It was when he ran back into the county clerk's office with passports in hand, that Michael asked him what he was up to.

"Michael, I was going to do this on Christmas, but the risk of losing the opportunity is too great. Will you marry me?" And he showed him the rings.

You never know what part of an adventure like that will stick in your memory, or what the pivot point lessons really are until months, or even years later.

Nicholas realized around their fourth anniversary, that if he didn't write down the story, capturing as many details as he could, that he would start to forget those important moments. So he wrote out the story in great detail and posted it on Facebook for his closest friends and family to see. One of those friends was so inspired by the post that she asked him if he would please make it public so she could share it. He did. And it went viral.

One interesting aspect in this story is how Nicholas and Michael choose to remember and celebrate the occasion. Some of their friends who were married that same day, or just a few days later, remember it as being rushed. Some of those people have some regret about the spontaneity of the decision. But not Nicholas and Michael. The entire story is part of their romance, and though their family didn’t get to participate on the day of their wedding, and the couple has some disappointment with that, they remember it with love and humor, knowing the story is unique and a big part of who they are as a couple.

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