You Don't Have to Like Them. You Have to Work with Them.


Stories that Shape Your Work Experience

You probably know that the good and the bad of work relationships shape our professional experiences and our future interactions, but do you think about those bad experiences as opportunities to be a better employee and manager?

In this podcast, Christine Stevens shares three stories of work relationships that colored how she builds and maintains successful relationships at work, even with people she doesn't necessarily like. It was her father who said: "You don't have to like the people you work with, but you have trust that they want to do a good job and that they want the same thing you do: Success at work."

Listen to her stories, and consider your stories that feel similar. Are you learning from those experiences? Are you creating an environment of trust and value by modeling the behavior you want to see in the people around you? 

Christine is a troubleshooter, relationship builder, and cat herder. She brings disparate and often adversarial groups to the table and gets them to work together – or finds a way for them to work toward the same goal, even if it isn’t together. Never one to underestimate the power of a smile and humor, she believes a fun workplace is a more productive workplace. Read more about Christine by visiting her on LinkedIn.